What is Harmonize Your Soul?

Harmonize Your Soul was started in 2016 by me monet samuels, creating gifts for family & friends bringing them knowledge & awareness of crystals & they’re healing properties.
Over time I was told repeatedly that i should take my hobbie further & really focus on sharing it on a wider scale, but I wasn’t brave enough to take the leap & so I took the time to learn more about crystals & they’re benefits whilst working full time in a school.
It all started when I bravely left my then job as a teacher to align myself with my true calling & step into my power, in doing this the opportunities came flooding in!
In 2018 I was asked to do my first event, sharing a market stall with a family member at levenshulme market & although I didn’t make heaps of money I really enjoyed sharing HYS with others!
Following that I was then approached by a little vegan cafe in Manchester called “boho uptopia” where they held “cosmic conscious events” i got to share my passion for crystals & how they could help them.. They then asked me to stock some of my jewellery permanently in they’re cafe & of course I said yes! & it all snowballed from there!
Harmonize your soul has grown into more than holistic brand, my sole purpose is to educate & share knowledge on the benefits of healing naturally using earths gifts.
Working with crystals & energy healing, is like going to the doctors but without the toxic medication, instead you are given the chance to experience the power of healing crystals, an alternative mindset & natural methods that have been used by our ancestors for centuries.
I support everyone from babies right up to the elderly, from high end business people to those on a lower income.. everyone can benefit from having a healthy lifestyle along with a healthy mindset whilst also protecting they’re energy & healing naturally.
I just want to help the planet heal & everyone to become the best version of themselves.
My end goal is to have a space everyone could share, coming together to learn & educate one another. A place all walks of life feel comfortable to stroll into.
Imagine a holistic mall where you could shop organic food, waste free home products & ethical brands whilst also being able to take a meditation class, book in for reiki or even a movement class all in one place!
I just want to be able to bring all forms of healing to one place & make it more than just a store, make it a home for everyone heal!

 Head over to out blog page to find out how this once dream has now become a reality!