Yoni Steaming Ceremony

Unlock the intimate magic of your womb & connect to your powerful feminine wisdom..
Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina. Our Yoni steam is a blend of specially selected organic herbs & crystals for a physical & energetic cleanse.
Yoni steaming cleanses away any negative energy stored in the womb area, it is a calming, mediative ritual that allows you to connect to you womb in a divine self-loving way, strengthening intuition & the divine feminine.
Yoni Steaming is a sacred practice that has been used for many years all over the world for vaginal health, wellness and connection. It can be used for the healing of physical ill-ments such as polysistic ovaries, ph balance, depression, haemorrhoids, fatigue, sexual trauma, birth trauma, infertility & menopause to name a few.
Your yoni steam blend has been created in house & infused with reiki & clear quartz crystals to promote master healing.
Join Monet for a one to one womb clearing experience known to remove stagnant energy from the womb as well as physically elements in & around the womb. You will settle into the space with a cacao Blessing before starting you yoni steam, during the yoni steam you will be left to release whilst Monet offers you a sound bath.
Our yoni steam blend has been specially created with love & healing intentions embodying uplifting, stimulating, cleansing, balance, purification, love, grounding, courage, union-ship, protection, longevity of life & tranquility.
Our cleanse contains energy cleansed' Clear Quartz, organic dried rose, organic dried chamomile, organic moringa seeds, organic yarrow, organic calendula, organic motherwort, organic lavender.
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