Hernan Alvaranga Coffee beans

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Organic Mycotoxin free!
HERNAN ALVARENGA, a producer from Honduras who believes in protecting the environment and hasn't used any herbicides since the start of his journey - he uses a type of chilli water to apply to the soil to help prevent the spread of nematodes.
The co-op ensures producers receive 70% of the FOB price for their micro lots - much higher than the average.
The whole farming program from this area uses no fertilisers or pesticides in they’re production.
Origin: Honduras
Farm: El Naranjo
Varietal: Lempira & IHCAFE90
Altitude: 1200 MASL
Certification: Micro-Lot
Process: 48HR Macerated Natural
Cup Score: 86.5
Pear Compote, Rum & Milk Chocolate