Join us in The Healing Hub for a moment of silence & relaxation..

During this session we will connect to the phases of the moon, the collective frequency and our intuition as we practice the divine gift of meditation.

"Slowing down the mind has allowed me to learn how to observe and separate my thoughts and take control of my own reality".

“Learning to calm a busy mind and sit with my emotions on a daily basis has connected me to my own wisdom and intuition and by exploring my inner world in depth overtime has transformed my outer world in a more positive light. Sometimes we just need to slow down.. breathe.. and realise our own power and answers are within".

"Benefits of meditation from my personal experience has been better clarity, focus and meaning to my life".

Cushions and blankets provided, however you are welcomed to bring your own and meditation cushions.

This class is suitable for all levels.
Mats and cushions are provided during this class, please feel free to bring your own in prefered.
Follow the link below to book.