Damilola Jewellery

Damilola Jewellery was born in the heart of our home, where me and my partner initially embarked on our journey of designing and creating meaningful
jewellery. We began outsourcing to get our designs and products of the ground but have now grown and put everything in our business to the point where we have a little work shop in our home. 


 Each piece we create is created with intention and purpose. They are a conversation starter, designed to ignite connections and spark positive memories and traits. Whether it's a flag representing your heritage, a star sign capturing your cosmic essence, an Angel number guiding your path, a positive affirmation uplifting your spirit, or statement earrings expressing your unique style, our jewellery tells a story about you. 

It's a reflection of your identity and a source of inspiration that connects you with others. 
It's a symbol of unapologetic representation in all aspects of your life, always staying true to who you are.

Most of our pendants are made from stainless steel, some chains are made from copper a handful of items are also made from copper. They are plated in 18&24ct gold. 
We also hand craft custom pieces from sterling silver and gold, which you can always enquire about. 

All steel pieces are very durable and usually really water proof and don’t discolour easy(unless you wear a lot of  perfume/chemicals with it on) hence why we confident offering a year tarnish-free warranty on these pieces. 
Copper jewellery is not as waterproof as steel so we don’t recommend wearing it in water often. 

We hope our jewellery brings you joy for many years to come