Sound Journeys

Reiki Sound Journey
Healing hub sound bath journey
Join us as we take you on a journey from a conscious waking state to a state of total relaxation and healing for the mind body and soul.
We will start by gently guided you in to relaxation, followed by the healing practitioner easing you into sound playing a variety of instruments including chimes, rattles, bells, rain sticks, and drums.
We will then move in to playing crystal sound bowls and gongs to bringing mind, body, emotions and soul into a state of balance, peace and harmony.
This immersive sound experience soothes and calms the mind on a deep level relieving stress and promoting relaxation.
We will then guide you back using the first lot of intstruments followed by a period of silence which is important for intregation. During the silent period you will receive 1-2-1 reiki healing from the practitioner. 
You are invited to bring along your crystals to be charged with sound & aid in your journey through sound. Mats, cushions, blankets provided but feel free to bring anything to aid in your comfortably.
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Our sound journeys are also mobile, which means we can bring the healing to you!
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