Cacao 500g

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High-vibe ceremonial grade drinking chocolate made from whole organic fair trade Criollo cacao beans from Peru.

Our Criollo Cacao, is a high antioxadant, packed with magnesium, calcium, vitamins & essential amino acids. It lowers blood pressure, improves blood flow to your brain & heart & allows your body to absorb insulin effectively.

Our high-vibe ceremonial grade cacao brings harmonious balance to your mind, body & spirit with its grounding, heart opening qualities.

Our criollo cacao is a delicate & makes up just 0.01% of global cacao production meaning it is respected for the medicine it is & not mass produced risking extinction.

Our criollo variety is considering to be “the king of cacao” & often named the “holy grail” of all cacaos due to it being the most ancient, none hybrid form. Criollo cacao produces high quality beans of fruity, sweet, smooth flavour & aroma making this cacao quality unparalleled.

Our criollo cacao production directly supports both local communities & their traditional farming methods.

To prepare simply  add between 21-42g of cacao chunks to boiling water & stir on a low heat until fully dissolved. Try adding a pinch of salt, spoonful of agave & a dash of milk to complement its natural fresh fruity notes. Why not try grating our raw cacao into your baking or top onto your smoothies & porridges.