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Harmonize Your Soul cleansing top tips

This is a great tool to shift any unwanted, stagnant or negative energy from spaces, yourself, other people around you.. it’s also great for cleansing other objects including your crystals.

Cleansing removes any unwanted negative energy & allows the crystal to work at its most highest vibration!

We recommend that upon arrival of any crystals or jewellery you should always cleanse them yourself putting your intentions & energy into them & keep up with this routine often to allow your crystals to work at they're most highest vibrations.

Use a candle to light your palo and sage, doing this creates a more sacred ritual as the flame is of a natural form instead of man made.

Hold a positive intention of cleansing when lighting the palo or sage.

Allow it to catch a flame, removing it from the candle and letting it burn at the tip before blowing the flame out.

You want the tip of the palo to be a bright amber colour when you blow out, this will show it’s lit well preventing you from having to repeatedly lighting!

Use the shell/smudge bowl/incense holder to place the palo/sage in during use whilst wafting your smoke over the desired object/person remembering your intention as you do so.


There are many other ways you can cleanse:

  • burning incense/smudge sticks/palo santo
  • placing it out under a full moon to be cleansed by the moons energy
  • running cold water
  • finding a fresh stream and dipping your crystals in
  • holding it whilst visualising a white

Whilst cleansing your crystals be sure to spend a moment imagining it being clear, refreshed & cleansed with pure energy.. removing all that does not serve you. Then once cleansed get specific about what you want your crystal to help you with I.e if you were cleansing rose quartz you may say “please surround me with calm loving energy” this can be spoken aloud or in your head. Try to make it specific to you & what you need at the time so your crystal can better help, guide & protect you💚

Palo Santo also known as ‘holy wood’ has a scent of pine, mint and lemon and is known to bring healing and good fortune. It is great for stimulating creativity, strengthening your immune system and helps calm anxiety.

White California sage is great for removing toxins in the air, clearing argumentive energy, improving sleep, aiding those with breathing problems, it holds a strong plant like scent.

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