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Food is a vital part of your lifestyle after all they say you are what you eat right?

Which is why diet and nutrition has been a part of our ethical gift store & wellness hub with our Noetic Herbs, natural medicines & teas alongside our Ceremonial Cacao, Organic Ceremonial Matcha & much more..

They has been such a great interest in these products but we have noticed a lot of our clients want to try these things before taking the great leap into change which we totally understand, with that being said it just made so much sense to give you guys the chance to try these things with the knowledge of preparation and taste being provided in store.

People often tell us how much they love the space we have created & would "spend all day in here" so that again was another reason we decided to set up a space where you can further enjoy the space in store.

Towards the back of your local Ethical gift store we have set up tables & work benches for you, we have plug sockets & USB ports for those who would like to use the communal space as a peaceful place of work.

We also have a kids area set up for your little ones to explore through play whilst also enjoying the peaceful environment, as we know "monkey see monkey do" which is why our kids area is based around role play with a kitchen for cooking, a little builders set & a till area for getting them into the exchange part of life!

We've been told the we are the first place you can go to for a cup of ceremonial grade cacao & that is just revolutionary, this heart felt, grounding drink is a great medicine to life for everyone!!! We currently provide organic turmeric lattes which is provided by Noetic & has a health blend of cayenne, ginger alongside other herbs & spices to allow full health kick with this drink! You can also try our Ceremonial Organic Matcha which is great for flushing you system of toxins, weight loss, energy, focus & many more benefits.. We also have a range of organic health loose leaf herbal teas which you can mix & match for a flavour of your choice.

We pride ourselves on our Non Mycotoxin organic, fair-trade coffee with luscious notes of rum, milk chocolate & pare compote your sure not to be disappointed once it hits your tastes buds.. a lot of people have never heard of mycotoxins so we've added a link at the bottom of this page for you to educate yourselves.

We also offer a few healthy alternative cold drinks, crisps & snacks.. everything is available to grab & go & we hope to expand into healthy foods, juices & smoothies as time goes on!

Hope to see you soon, links below for more information..

HYS MENU:https://harmonizeyoursoul.co.uk/pages/events


OUR COFFEE:https://harmonizeyoursoul.co.uk/products/hernan-alvaranga-coffee-beans?_pos=2&_sid=5f71bb3d0&_ss=r

OUR CACAO:https://harmonizeyoursoul.co.uk/products/cacao-500g?_pos=1&_sid=65722144f&_ss=r

NOETIC HEALTH:https://harmonizeyoursoul.co.uk/collections/noetic-health


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